purity is a theological conception that the Puritan society used to exemplify the holy essence of social order (Bronski, 12). 



Sexuality is a historical and theoretical identity category, expressed similarly and differently, throughout sexual systems within particular moments of time.

Sexuality is not a natural fact, rather a cultural and historical production that is imposed onto the body according to ideological discourse (Halperin, 416).

Sexuality is “what we find erotic and how we take pleasure in our bodies” (Stryker, 16). 

Sexuality is an endless intersecting “constellation of factors” that culturally inform people their understanding about sexual intimacy, desires, and activity. Bronski uses the terminology of sexuality to connect the past with the present, in order to comprehend the relationship between both (Bronski, xviii).


The idea that certain aspects in life are set as they are, particularly when seen through a biological context (ie there is a biological predisposition in differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals).

  • essentialism is especially important to take into account, all considering the infinitesimal amount of trust and validity is put into the hands of scientific fact, nowadays
    • consider, that phrenology was once a completely accepted field